About Us

EimiZaideih is a collection of Gospel, Secular and other genre songs. Through the Almighty’s Grace, most of us have settled down in other parts of India and abroad. Some of these Eimi songs become out of reach and people living in the extension part of Zogam become oblivious of our well-known Eimi Artists and their songs. It is for this sole purpose (of reaching out to the Eimi’s settling elsewhere) that EimiZaideih came forth.

I, Ginom Hangshing, was a student studying in Guwahati (Assam) in 2014-15. Living outside the Zogam soil, I struggled to have my own collection of our Eimi’s songs. Though I lived elsewhere, I did not want to throw away my Eimi (Culture) roots and longed to listen to my very own dialect songs. It gave me a kind of encouragement during my lonely/vulnerable days. I became fed up of listening to the same playlists on my phone and that was when I began my search for Eimi songs. However, the struggle was real and my search did not reap much fruit. Youtube being my only hope, I still did not acquire much from it and I was certain that there would have been others in the same circumstance as I was.

I believe that for many of us, music is a remedy that no medicine can replace. A Gospel song can meet person’s Spiritual needs, the secular (love songs) help in expressing someone’s heartbreak/sorrow, while the patriotic songs have been composed by our fellow brothers and sisters to express love and respect for their homeland and if used wisely enough, it can be useful to a huge extent.

Having all these in mind, I gathered information from the NET and registered myself on a site called “wapka“. With the help of this website, I managed to upload few songs by February 20th, 2014. At the initial stage, it wasn’t much known to others but I was very proud and happy with the outcome and constantly began to re-arrange the design. Once I became satisfied I began to introduce the site on various Social Media platforms and through it, many others came to know and contributions (of songs) began to pour in. Unfortunately, as I was still a student, I began to fear that it would affect my studies. So I could not work on the site as much as I needed/wanted to. A few months later, the site got popularised and I learnt that it has received tremendous appreciation and as a way of uplifting the site, 4 other members (Admin) decided to administer the site with me. It is through them that the site has received such success today.

As we are able to expand our horizons outside of Lamka (by God’s grace), our sole aim is to reconnect each one of us and spread the Spirit of brotherhood through our Zomi Music and we pray that our website EimiZaideih.IN / EimiZaideih.ORG becomes a platform where our community may get a worldwide recognition, develop a spirit of oneness and use our God-given abilities and intelligence for the good of the society.

Thank You!

Thangginom Hangshing

Founder and Admin