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We ask for your maximum co-operation as we are still in the process of uploading the entire songs from our collection and your help will be very much appreciated.

1. It is our wish to upload the songs at 128kbps bitrate (at the least). We request you not to send songs any less than mentioned.

2. For better management, kindly mention the names of the song/artistes/album being sent, if possible.

3. It is very humanly impossible for us, Admins, to do the collection alone; we need your assistance. We are aware that the Internet connection does not co-operate daily.You can also make use of CDs/DVDs/Pendrive, etc., to contribute songs and send to the Names/Address/Mail/Contact No. of our Admins mentioned below.

4. Lastly, its our earnest request that each one of us cooperate and aid in making EimiZaideih an authentic and reliable website.

1. Mail:

2. Johnson Tonsing
Lamka / Imphal
Mb. No.: +91-9862952400

3. Alex Muanlal
Mb. No.: +91-9612882238

4. Kakap Hauzel
Mb. No.: +91-9871950052

4. Ginom Hangshing
Mb. No.: +91-9615804759 / 7005603442

Near Sannem Store
Mb. No.: +91-9612882238 (Alex Muanlal)

Thank You!